Operation Herne
Police self-investigation producing whitewash reports that nonetheless contain some interesting nuggets of information

Police Spies Out of Lives
Support group for legal action by eight women deceived into long term intimate relationships with undercover police officers

Defend the Right to Protest
Campaigning against police brutality, kettling and the use of violence against those who have a right to protest

The Monitoring Group
Promoting good race relations and actively supporting family justice campaigns

Blacklist Support Group
Blog of the campaign for justice for people on the construction industry blacklist

The Network for Police Monitoring (Netpol)
Monitoring public order, protest and community policing that is excessive, discriminatory or threatens civil rights

Open Democracy’s ‘Whose Police?’ section
Articles on the tension between service and control

Undercover with Paul Lewis and Rob Evans
Blog of The Guardian’s journalists who do the bulk of mainstream media coverage of undercover police

Bristle’s Blog from the BunKRS
Blog featuring some comprehensive research on undercover police

Bristling Badger
Blog posts following, analysing and speculating on the undercover police scandal

COPS on Twitter

COPS on Facebook


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